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As the owner of a Barbershop, you understand the importance of keeping your clients happy–a great haircut can be the key to a new job, new relationship or new opportunity. At Bundlers Insurance Brokers, we feel the same way about business insurance. While carrying great coverage probably won’t get you a date, it can give you the peace of mind of knowing your barbershop is protected. Just like you strive to give each client a look that works best for them, Bundlers Insurance Brokers takes the time to understand your business so we can offer the right coverage at the right price.

Bundlers Insurance Brokers—because you deserve a barbershop insurance partner who works as hard as you do.

Does a Barber Really Need Insurance?

Considering the many ways things can go wrong in today’s fast-paced business environment, Barber Insurance is a protection you can’t afford not to carry. From a dissatisfied client filing a lawsuit over a haircut, to someone slipping on the floor of your barbershop, there are many risks threatening your business on a daily basis. Coverage from Bundlers Insurance Brokers is designed with your specific needs in mind. Rather than take the cookie cutter approach used by many firms, we build each client a custom policy based on their actual operation and risk exposure.

Barbershop Insurance Coverages

Contrary to what most insurance firms want you to think, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for Barber Insurance There are a few essential coverages that almost every barber should be carrying.

These include:

  1. General Liability Insurance for Barbers: GL Insurance is important for all small businesses to carry. This coverage can protect a Barbershop the costs of lawsuits filed by injured or damaged third parties.
  2. Commercial Property Insurance: Commercial Property Insurance helps protect a Barber’s physical property, storefront, and equipment.
  3. Barber Business Income Insurance: Business Income Insurance is another important coverage for a Barber. This coverage, when added to a Commercial Property Policy, considers the cost for lost income during a covered interruption to your business operation after a covered cause of loss.

Additional Barbershop Coverages You May Need

Outside of the general insurance all businesses typically need, the specific details of your barbershop operation might make carrying a few other coverages a good idea.

Some additional coverages to consider for your Barber Insurance Policy include:

  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI): If hire employees at your barbershop, you should seriously think about carrying Employment Practices Liability Insurance coverage. EPLI can protect a barbershop owner from the costs of improper hiring, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or workplace discrimination.
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage: Workers comp is another important for a barbershop with employees. This coverage can help cover the costs of an employee injury on the job.
  • Commercial Umbrella: This is extended coverage that protects you beyond the general aggregate limits of your standard policy.


In addition, Bundlers Insurance Brokers Barber Insurance offers fully customizable coverage for any individual situation. Our specialized Barber and Barbershop Insurance policies can also include:

  • Limited Care, Custody, or Control Property Coverage
  • Important Record and Document Coverage
  • Employee Benefits Liability Coverage

What Does Barber Insurance Cost?

While other companies would like you to believe the same cookie cutter coverage they sell every barber will work for your business, this is simply not the case. Rather than take the easy way out, Bundlers Insurance Brokers takes the time to understand your situation before designing a custom insurance policy to fit your needs. We pledge to get you all the coverages you need an none that you don’t.

What Do I Need to Get a Barber Insurance Quote?

At Bundlers Insurance Brokers, we are in the business of making barbers insurance easy. Start your free, personalized insurance quote now at our online quote page. To make sure we can provide the most accurate and competitive quote possible, it helps to make sure you have the following information available when you apply:

  • Business address and tax ID
  • Income for your most recently completed fiscal year
  • Number of employees you currently employ
  • Information about other insurance you currently hold
  • Volume, nature, and storage method tenant or client data
  • Proof of professional licensing and other relevant certifications or permits
  • History of past claims (at least three years)


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